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May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


The Tatahouine meteorite fell on June 27, 1931 at 1:30 am in Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia. A fireball was seen to explode in the Tunisian desert and many hundreds of small fragments showered down on the desert four kilometers Northeast from the village.

More information about Tatahoiune here.


Authentic Tatahouine Meteorites For Sale

The sale is Sunday, August 30, 2009 only. US mailing is $3.60 first class (USA) or $5.50 Priority Mail USA. In the USA Insurance is $2 flat plus $1 per hundred and if you overpay it, I will refund the overpayment. Registered mail (in a box) to non-USA destinations is $17. If you don't want it registered kindly clear it with me first and it will be around $4 to $6 for postage depending on the recipient's country. Please email me as I am not a high-volume meteorite dealer practiced in the art of photographing and throwing together webpages with ease. The images with the orange ruler are terrible and I encourage you to not overlook some of the very high quality specimens suffering from my poor digital camera skills. The white background shows I'm learning. I have higher resolution photos available if you are serious about buying. The last time I had my Tatahouine meteorites for sale was a year and a half ago. I hope you find these prices AWESOME (for you), since I had no time to raise the price! Thanks so kindly for everything!!! :-)

#1: 32.1 grams trace shiny faux crust (It's not crust!) $942$753

#B1Y 5.01g @11.25$/g = $56

#B2Y 5.03g @11.25$/g = $56

#B3Y 5.05g @11.25$/g = $56

#5: 16.2 grams Mottled surface, few grains of Tatahouinian sand $303$242

#6: 15.7 grams Superb demo of hypersthene cleavage angles $314$251

#7: 11.4 grams Another great crystal cleavage piece 3D shock veins $213$171

#8: 12.9 grams Dark green piece w/some shock veins apparent! $217$174

#B4Y 5.08g @12$/g = $60

#10: 13.6 grams Did I mention shattercones big time here! $250$200

#11: 12.0 grams mottled dark, planes, minor horsy, shiny chromite(?) $195$156

#B5Y 5.2g @11.5$/g = $59

#13: 13.2 grams If you love 3-dimension shock, 90 cleaves & horses! $231$184

#B6Y 5.74g @12.2$/g = $70

#B8Y 5.97g @11.5$/g = $68

#B9Y 6.04g @11.5$/g = $69

#B10Y 6.43g @11.5$/g = $73

#18: 16.0 grams curious near 90 cleavage w/bit juicy shock veins $320$256

#B11Y 6.55g @12$/g = $78

#B12Y 7.15g @12$/g = $85

#B13Y 7.73g @11.5$/g = $88

#B14Y 7.8g @11.75$/g = $91

#B15Y 8.37g @12$/g = $100

#A3X 11.8g @16$/g = $188

#A4X CRUST! 12.13g @20$/g = $242

#26: 9.3 grams Stone to contemplate THE WHY of dk/lt green boundaries $127$102

#A5X 10.83g @16$/g = $173

#A6X 13.52g @15.75$/g = $212

#A7X 14.52g @15.5$/g = $225

#A8X 11.24g @16$/g = $179

#31: 6.5 grams Best cleavage to see 2 "laminated" planes; VEINS! $97$78

#32: 6.4 grams dark, you can discern interesting deep coloration $82$65

#33: 6.6 grams For the young/new/gifted impact geologist; faux crust $103$82

21 UNCULLED pieces Pile! 13.88g (0.2-1.8)$120

HOLBROOK: AZ fall (1912). 6.43 g $64

SHIROKOVSKY Meteorwrong 0.42 g

$5 with purchase over $10

DJOUMINE #1: 7.8 grams Glimmering quartz-like siliceous micro-crystals$46

DJOUMINE #2: 6.0 grams Study that unidentified white spot! Fascinating... $39

DJOUMINE #4: 4.0 grams Only 5 witnessed falls in Tunisia!$27

DJOUMINE #6: 0.5 gram Some say [Do-you-mind?]; I say dya-mean

$5 with purchase over $10


"V.I.P. Planetary Section"
Dho 1442 - Greatest LUNAR recently approved in the Meteoritical Bulletin. Earthshaking - and literally Moonshattering! Rarely found KREEP Impact Melt Breccia with Mare Basalt! Meteorite is an impact melt breccia containing lithic clasts, mineral fragments, glassy spherules, granulites and melt breccias embedded in a fine-grained melt matrix. The breccia is extremely heterogeneous in a content of large clasts, the matrix/clasts ratio is varying from sample to sample of the meteorite. The lithic clasts population is presented by anorthosites, gabbroes, olivine gabbro-norites, gabbro-norites and norites. A KREEP and lunar mare basalt are present. The size range of the clasts is 0.02-8 mm; the main minerals are pyroxene and feldspar; minor - olivine, silica, chromite, ilmenite, Ca-phosphate, troilite and FeNi metal. Some crust around indented area. Get it while you have the chance, the total known weight including recent straining search in the minutiae of the strewn field has yielded 126 grams total. Given the amazing characteristics of this little specimen, and the extremely low tkw with pairings. With all due respect, at $717/g, the price for this piece is likely never to be found again.